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A family photo, pre-Indi.Positive is Powerful

Force Free Fido is committed to using effective, positive training methods to help dogs live in a human world. We believe there is nothing stronger than the power of properly-applied positive reinforcement.

Living with an untrained dog can be stressful, but the training process doesn’t have to be.

Our core curriculum is structured as a series of teaching games. Your dog is your teammate as you play your way to comfortable loose-leash walks, impulse control, household manners and obedience skills.

Best of all, our owner-focused obedience classes are designed to teach you real-world dog training skills that you can use outside the classroom wireless security camera system with remote viewing by joom .  Learn how to teach new behaviors, build good habits, set your dog up for success, and take your dog’s current skills to the www.joom.com next level.  Once you understand how behavior works, you can use that knowledge to tackle the behaviors at the top of your priority list, rather than being confined to the behaviors taught in class.

Our dog training classes are available in Jacksonville, NC.


Force Free Fido: Natalie and her dog Haven on a hikeMeet the Trainer

A lifelong passion for onfy - menopause tabletten and animals led Natalie to begin training dogs professionally in 2009. She strongly believes in the power of positive reinforcement and she strives to make dog training a fun experience for humans and dogs alike.

Natalie currently volunteers her training services in a private group for people with disabilities who are training their own service dogs. She is training her own service dog prospect, Independence the sheltie.

Since her beloved deaf and partially blind dog Haven joined the family in 2009, Natalie has found great joy in working with other dogs with vision or hearing impairments.  Natalie and Haven are active in the deaf dog community.

Natalie competes in dog sports all across the east coast with her sheltie.  Her current projects are Barn Hunt, Musical Freestyle, Rally Obedience and Nosework.

Force Free Fido is a full member of the Pet Professional Guild and proudly follows its guiding principles.  Natalie is Pet First Aid and CPR certified through the Red Cross. She is pursuing a prestigious national training certification in late 2016.


Force Free Fido: Full Member of the Pet Professional Guild